Ponytails aren’t just for the gym anymore, especially when they look like this. Achieve the ultimate, glam updo with ponytail hair extensions from Easilocks. 

Use your natural hair for the party in the front and seamlessly attach the ponytail hair extension in your shade for another party in the back! 

Super sleek, super simple and super concealed, premium clip-in ponytails are the perfect way to upgrade your updo, ready for the runway, or just the high street. Whatever you’re up to, instantly add our silky clip-in ponytails in your choice of colour for a luxurious lift to your look.
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Say hello to the Easilocks Clip-in Ponytails that give even Ariana Grande a run for her money!

Adding enviable length, these babies use comfort-pressure clips that attach seamlessly to your natural hair without risking damage or discomfort. Super sleek, super simple and super concealed, all our luxury clip-in ponytails are designed to upgrade your look any time, any place. And just like all our synthetic extensions, Easilocks ponytails are made with our HD Fibre technology so they wash, dry and style just like your natural hair.

Oh, and did we mention our huge range of multi-tonal shades? From dark and daring ebony to icy platinum, these natural tones are guaranteed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair. And if you’re struggling, our expert stylists are always on hand to help - just slide into our DM’s.

So, whether you’re chilling at home in your comfies or heading out on the town with your girls, this hairpiece is a must-have for your hair-wardrobe.