“Finally, we are able to apply hair to areas of the head that we couldn’t before.” 

Top of the head hair enhancement has been around for some time but never before has it been accessible without hours spent in the salon and a hit to your bank account - we figured this wasn’t good enough. 

Available in two optional densities and two optional lengths, the Easilocks Volume Plus hair topper is a totally revolutionary hairpiece that gives the appearance of luscious locks all the way from the top of your head… we’re talking major density! The hair topper is even designed with a skin-like base which allows for a multi-directional parting giving the appearance of natural growth.

Plus, this method is super gentle and gives results without compromising even the finest of natural hairs. For this reason, the Volume Plus can be life-changing if you have very short or fine hair, broken layers or you are experiencing or recovering from hair loss.

What’s more, the Volume Plus has optional clips for an easy, at-home application and the freedom to wear it as and when you want to. Or, you can take your hair topper to a salon, remove the clips and have your stylist apply the hairpiece with adhesive for a semi-permanent application that lasts up to 10 weeks.

The Volume Plus is available either as a synthetic HD fibre hair topper that can be washed, dried and styled just like human hair but cannot be coloured or dyed. Or, it is available as a 100% Remy human hair topper which can be washed, dried, styled and coloured just like your natural hair.

So, are you ready to try this life-changing hair topper?