Girl, meet the hairstyling kit of your dreams. 

Sick of getting caught short without a hairpin when you need one? Tired of putting kinks in your freshly styled hair whilst doing your makeup? 

Forget about it, doll. 

Our My Kinda Style Medium Bundle contains everything you need to make styling your locks a dream.

What’s inside?

2x Butterfly Clips

4x Smooth Clips

4x Crocodile Clips

4x Clear Hair Coils 

4x Metal Clips 

50x Hairpins (black)

50x Hairpins (brown) 

50x Hairpins (blonde)

50x Clear Elastics

25x Bobbins (black)

25x Bobbins (brown) 

25x Bobbins (blonde) 

1x Backcomb Brush 

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