Want to be blow dry beautiful without having to sit in the salon all day? Hell yeah.

Megan Mckenna Hair Extensions from Easilocks presents the revolutionary bouncy blow clip-in extensions. This  2 in 1 hairpiece system really is the answer to your hairs… oh, we mean prayers! 

Wear Megan Mckenna’s hair extensions individually for an everyday lift or pair the hairpieces together for ultimate volume and glamour.

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Megan McKenna Hair Extensions


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Combining endless style opportunities with the latest hair technology, these HD Fibre hair extensions give you gorgeous red-carpet looks in a matter of minutes. Designed with the gorgeous Megan McKenna, our hair extensions are tailored to give you that ‘fresh from the salon’ feel with complete ease. You can wash and style your HD hair extensions just like your natural hair, up to 180 degrees Celsius!

The shorter 16” hair piece gives you loads of lovely volume, keeping you ‘Gram ready all day. And for a sleek or sultry evening look, switch it up with the long 22” set for luxurious length that’s to die for!