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Wavy Hair Extensions

Looking for hair extensions that give you endless style options? We’ve got you covered, doll. Our Wavy Hair Extensions collection gives you length and insane volume, instantly. 

Named the Miracle Makeover, these duo hairpieces are dangerously devious. Discreet, simple to wear and promising Hollywood-sleek styles every day, our Miracle Makeover hair extensions are for every girl, every day. 
Charlotte Crosby
Select to wear a single piece or double up beneath your natural hair for locks you’ve only dreamed of. 
   NOTE: this is a HD memory fibre product - if the piece has been straightened prior to washing, the hair will dry straight. Likewise, if the hair is waved or curled before washing it’ll dry back wavy. Less time styling, more time looking fab!!   

HD Fibre Colour Swatch



  • Ash Blonde
  • Biscuit Balayage
  • Brown Cocoa
  • Butterscotch
  • + 14
Miracle Makeover Hair Extension Bundle


£64.99 £82.99

  • Dark Brown
  • Darkest Brown/Dark Chocolate
  • Medium Brown
  • Lightest Brown
  • + 11