At Easilocks we maintain an exceptionally high standard of sourcing & production. It is important to us to be as transparent with our community as possible. Below is information on how we are being as ethical, sustainable, and environmentally thoughtful throughout every process in our business. 


Hair Sourcing

Easilocks use only the finest, ethically-sourced, 100% Remy hair with the cuticle preserved and flowing in the correct direction.

This premium quality human hair is double drawn meaning that there is a generous thickness, from roots to ends. The raw material is sourced mainly from Russia & Mongolia from donors aged 15-25 years of age of their own free will. This means the human hair is in its prime and healthiest condition, delivering strong, long-lasting results for our customers.

Easilocks always ensures that our hair goes through several testing and quality-control inspection procedures before only the best strands of human hair are selected.

Easilocks is available in a wide range of multi tonal shades designed to blend with all hair colours.


Our Factories

Our product factory partners are located between China, Spain & Indonesia.

Our Hair Factory Partners are based in Eastern China and we specify strict guidelines that hair suppliers must follow to ensure that the best quality hair is sourced and delivered to your salons.

We are continually monitoring their business practices to ensure that no exploitation or unethical practices are committed. Easilocks works with supply sources that meet our ethical policy standards and we actively seek to work with and support those that promote responsible business practices.

We offer conditions of employment that are fair to all employees and are compliant with local health and safety regulations, as well as other standard employment conventions.

These contain various internationally respected labour standards primarily based on for example:

  • ILO conventions, including the so-called core conventions
  • The UN’s Universal Declaration on Human Rights
  • The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Rights at Work
  • Fair Wear Foundation
  • Fair Labour Association
  • UN Global compact
  • OECD guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and various other leading and well-respected conduct guideline initiatives.

We actively seek to work with organizations that source raw materials ethically from quality-controlled, reputable suppliers and conduct fair business with dignity, honesty and responsibility in all aspects of their business.

Easilocks Human Hair Extensions will continue to ensure that salons and customers receive the highest quality human hair available, while maintaining a professional, ethical and responsible manner that extends through the supply chain.


Environmental Protection & Regulation

Our Suppliers are required to comply with all national and local environmental laws and regulations.

They must maintain the required environmental permits and properly handle all products/ materials to ensure safety and reduce waste. They dispose of production waste in accordance with said laws and regulations and identify and document their key impacts and implement controls to minimize them. At Easilocks we are acutely aware of just how our business activities can impact the environment. We are committed to ensuring these activities have the least possible detrimental effect, and strive to promote sustainability and follow sustainable business practices in our day-to-day operations. We continually assess the environmental impacts of our operations and seek to reduce these impacts and improve our resource efficiency through the reduction of energy consumption, water use and waste. We will continue to develop multi -purpose packaging with reusability in mind.


We promote environmental and energy awareness in our employees through participation and training.

We strive to make customers aware of our sustainability policies and encourage them to adopt sound sustainable management practices.


Local Economy Support

As an Irish-owned and based brand we are continuously striving to support our local economy and communities in any way possible. We are extremely proud to hire from our local talent pool and are invested in our community’s growth, the well-being of our local citizens and the health of our local economy.


Supporting our Communities

At Easilocks we are extremely passionate about helping our community and supporting local charities to make a difference to those who need it most.

Our company and employees continue to dedicate time fundraising /donating and volunteering across a number of charities inclusive of

  • Children’s Health Foundation @ Temple Street Children’s Hospital
  • AWARE – Depression Support & Education Services
  • Dogs Trust Rescue & Rehoming Charity
  • DSPCA: The Dublin society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
  • Women’s Aid – Local Refuge