SOS Keratin Rescue Treatment by Shane O'Sullivan


Please read carefully before use:

Please note: A precautionary patch test must be carried out on your skin (wrist or behind the ear) 48 hours prior to your first use of this product. This is advised, however, any reaction is very unlikely.

It is highly important for dry/damaged or heavily coloured hair that a strand test is carried out.

The purpose of a strand test is to test the compatibility of the hair with the SOS Keratin Rescue Treatment.

If the hair has been exposed to bleach or other potentially harsh chemicals, this will reduce the effectiveness of the product and can create negative results.


Strand test instructions:

• Product should be applied to a small section of the hair (approx. 2 inches wide) for 5-7 mins.

Rinse the hair for 10-14 mins to remove product completely.

• Examine results to be sure you are happy to proceed.

Directions of use:

1• Shampoo the hair with a shampoo free from Sulphates (Easilocks Macadamia shampoo is recommended for best results).

2• Apply the shampoo to the hair twice and wash thoroughly, to ensure that the hair is completely clean and oil free. It is important that you do not use conditioner, leave in conditioner or hair oil to prevent any barrier for the treatment to work effectively.

3• Shake the product and pour the contents of the product into a bowl. (Pour in stages, approx 25% per quarter section of hair, applying to the roots first working through the hair to the ends last).

Note - The supplied gloves should be used throughout the entire process (mixing, application and removal).

4• Towel dry damp hair and divide into four sections.

5• Dip the sponge into the solution. Drain/squeeze the excess solution from the sponge.
The amount left on the sponge is the perfect amount to then be applied onto the section of hair.
When complete, massage with your fingertips or comb through with a wide tooth comb.

6• Keep the product on the hair for 5-10 mins depending on the type of curl pattern you have (see diagram below).

SOS keratin Rescue Treatment Diagram

7• Rinse the product with warm water for double the time of the product application.

(E.g. application time: 5 mins = Rinse time: 10 mins)

This is extremely important to remove the entire product thoroughly to ensure maximum results. (If there is product left in the hair this can cause damage to the hair and prevent positive results).

8• Once thoroughly rinsed, towel dry the hair and apply the Easilocks Macadamia hair masque, comb through and leave for 5 mins.

9• Rinse the masque with warm water.

10• Complete the SOS treatment process by Blow-drying your hair smooth with hair dryer or leave to dry naturally. Straightening or curling irons can be used but this optional depending on the customer’s preference.

If a slight chemical odour persists after rinsing, this is an indication that the hair hasn't been sufficiently rinsed. A timer is recommended to ensure correct time is allowed for.

Things to consider for maximum results:

• Do not shampoo the hair for 24 hours after treatment (hair should be kept completely dry for 24 hours following treatment).
• Dry/damaged or heavily coloured hair requires a strand test to be carried out before use.
• It is recommended to wait 7 days after colouring your hair before using this product.
• Colouring the hair after use can reduce the effectiveness of the product.
• It is recommended that a minimum of 10 weeks is left between treatments
(start the process again by completing the strand test).
• Easilocks Macadamia products are recommended for use with SOS Keratin rescue Treatment.

If pregnant or breast feeding please consult your G.P. before using.