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Clip-In Non Human Hair Extensions

Whether you’re a curly girl, wavy babe or straight and chic, we’ve got the answer to your prayers with our synthetic hair extensions. 

Add undeniable volume or achieve quick, clip-and-go styles with synthetic hair extensions. Revolutionise your party looks with sleek clip-in hairpieces or opt for natural locks to be worn every day. 

Change up your look with u-part and clip-in extensions without the cost of damaged hair. Synthetic extensions are made from HD Fibre, designed with comfort-pressure clips and suitable for styling.

Fake It Til You Make It - With Synthetic Hair Extensions

At Easilocks, we’ve revolutionised the world of synthetic hair extensions from the multi-tonal strands that make up each gorgeous shade to the comfort-pressure clips we use that minimise discomfort and damage.

Kiss goodbye to mediocre extensions and say hello to our HD Fibre Technology which allows our synthetic hair to look, feel and perform just like human hair. Change your look whenever you want and gain that boost of confidence you absolutely deserve. The versatility of these extensions means that you don’t have to stick with the same hairstyle day in, day out!

Easilocks premium synthetic hair extensions can be washed, blow dried and styled to your heart's content.

Our luxury synthetic hair extensions are renowned for their longevity! If cared for properly, your extensions can last for months, even if they’re worn on a regular basis! Oh yes, Easilocks can make your hair dreams come true, we’re practically magic.

Girls, we have you covered! You can style your hair in a way that suits you and your different looks from the comfort of your own home with these hair extensions. They are so easy to apply and style that once you start using them you won’t go back to your everyday style ever again!

You can add glam, volume and length to your daily life by wearing our versatile and professional synthetic clip in hair extensions at Easilocks!

To find out more information about our hair extensions, get in touch, but if you’re looking for your perfect colour match, use our free service!