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Clip-In Short Ponytails

You know what’s up(do).

Get luscious volume and skip length with our gorgeous clip-in short ponytails! Nothing says glam like the perfect updo and our gorgeous short ponytails offer seamless blending and multi-tonal shades for a flawless finish, every time. 

Choose between 12” or 16” lengths, then get ready for instant volume and just a little bit of length for a look so glam, so effortless, it’ll make everyone jealous. 

Because if you stay ready, you haven’t got to get ready, doll!
Clip-In Short Ponytails From Easilocks

So, you’ve sussed out your shade, you know what you like. What’s stopping you?

Embrace your inner supermodel and hit the runway of your life with our flawless, super-sleek clip-in short ponytails.

Made with our HD Fibre technology, exclusive to Easilocks, these gorgeous synthetic pieces are designed to look, feel and perform just like your natural hair! This means you can wash, dry and heat style your new short ponytail just like you normally would - up to 150 degrees!

Plus, you can rest easy, knowing that with our super-small and comfortable clips, you’ll be ready to rock your updo from morning till night - and beyond! Because glam never rests and neither should your hair.

And, if you’re after something a little more, get the full fantasy with our Jordyn Woods ponytail in stunning 22” length options.

Whatever you choose, you’ll find that our gorge ponies - be they short ponytails or long - give you salon-quality results with every wear!