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Two Piece Hair Extensions

Want it all? No problem. Two piece hair extensions offer double trouble volume and length!

Whether you’re a girl that likes styling options or one just isn’t enough, two piece hair extensions are the answer. 

Browse for seamless blending, comfortable, snap-in clips and HD fibre technology that requires even less styling time. Achieve effortless volume and endless lengths with two piece hair extensions, available in different sizes, shades and styles.

Two is always better than one, right?

For the girl who needs options, our exclusive range of 2-piece hair extensions offer the ultimate addition to your hair wardrobe. You want volume? Opt for the shorter. You want length? Opt for the longer. You want straight up hair goals? Opt for both.

Designed so suit whatever style you’re feeling that day, we can’t stress enough the beauty of extensions that offer two optional lengths. Whether you’re styling up for staying home or you’re heading out on the town, there’s something for every occasion.

Plus, our comfort-pressure clips make transformations effortless. Simple snap the clips and place and you’re good to go - seamless, discrete and zero-damage.

Manufactured using our HD Fibre technology, our synthetic two-piece hair extensions not only look and feel like human hair but they perform like it too. Yeah, you heard that right.

Fancy big blow-dry curls one day and sleek straight hair the next? You got it. These babies wash, blow-dry and style just like your natural locks.

Oh, and did we mention our huge range of multi-tonal shades? From dark and daring ebony to icy platinum, you’re bound to find the colour that matches your natural locks. And if you’re struggling, our expert stylists are always on hand to help out - just slide into our DM’s.