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Long Clip-In Ponytails (22" - 30") Clip In Ponytail Easilocks

Easilocks use only the finest, ethically-sourced, 100% Remy hair with the cuticle preserved and flowing in the correct direction.

This premium quality human hair is double drawn meaning that there is a generous thickness, from roots to ends. The raw material is sourced globally, the human hair is in its prime and healthiest condition, delivering strong, long-lasting results for our customers.


Brush your hair extensions before shampooing your hair to ensure it is tangle free. Secure the hair with one hand while detangling to avoid any pressure or tension.

When shampooing your hair, work vertically not horizontally, or in a circular motion, this will create fewer tangles, and your hair will be easier to manage.

Always use a leave-in conditioner on the ends tokeep them looking silky.Weekly treatments are recommended.

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